Produced by: Zach T Fell
Recorded by: Zach T Fell with Logan Bulgrin, Aidan Reed-O'Brian, Sara Pekrul, Emily Hix, Gavin Hanzel, Matthew Hoffmann, Anthony Lena II
Mixed by: Zach T Fell
Mastered by: Gary Tanin
Cello: Ben Karbowski
Album Art: Bailey Fiste


There’s a storm
On the edge of town
All the clouds
Start to gather around

There’s a storm
There will be a flood
Will it wash all the world
Will it drown us in mud

There’s a storm
Can you feel it still?
It might bring it all down
If it can, then it will

There’s a storm
Knocking at your door
Taste the air
As the rain starts to pour

There’s a storm
And it’s right outside
Future days
We may well not survive

There’s a storm
There’s a judgment day
If things don’t get better, if they don’t get worse…
I don’t know how I’ll live this way