Produced by: Zach T Fell
Recorded by: Zach T Fell with Logan Bulgrin, Aidan Reed-O'Brian, Sara Pekrul, Emily Hix, Gavin Hanzel, Matthew Hoffmann, Anthony Lena II
Mixed by: Zach T Fell
Mastered by: Gary Tanin
Cello: Ben Karbowski
Album Art: Bailey Fiste


I was the target while
She the assassin, my
Heart was a bargain that
She priced it at half, when we
Sat at the bar, that’s where
I made her laugh still, she
Aimed for my heart and she
Stepped on the gas, that’s when
All hell exploded, we
Dove to the bathroom, she
Slid into my arms and
We did a bad thing


Round and then round again, the
Clock’s ticking faster, this
Hindenberg headed for
Death and Disaster, you
Pulled on my chain like a
Rope from the rafter, you
Slammed the book shut, no more
Happy ever after

You got me marching to the drum that you beat
And grinned as you pulled the rug from under my feet

I cry,
I cry,
All the sweat, and the tears, and the stains on the mattress
I cannot forget you, I’ll just have to practice and,

Now that you’re gone, I just won’t think about you,
The weather’s much better now you’re not around and you’re
Going to lose it, you love me, you know it,
Your heart must be breaking, although you wont show it, you