Alley Eyes emerges as a vibrant force in modern garage rock, hailing from the heart of the midwest - Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Drawing inspiration from icons such as Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, and the multifaceted endeavors of Dallon Weekes, Alley Eyes sets its sights on spearheading a revival reminiscent of the indie sleaze sound of the early 2000s.

Formed in 2022, this dynamic quartet has swiftly made their mark with the release of their debut and sophomore EPs, alongside a captivating B-Side EP. Their repertoire spans an eclectic spectrum of genres, from hard rock to alternative and glam rock, showcasing their versatility in noir songwriting.

Amidst the thriving Milwaukee DIY scene, Alley Eyes has garnered notable attention for their distinctly cinematic sound and dynamic performances. Their palpable style and fervent following have earned them coveted spots on stages supporting acclaimed acts such as The Band Camino, Jesse Jo Stark, and Styx.

Throw on your best torn denim, slip those Ray-Bans over your bloodshot eyes, & spank that pack of American Spirits as you queue up Alley Eyes for a sleazy night out at your favorite dank dive bar.

Killing Time

A New Single | Now Yours

Alley Eyes is set to spark a modern garage rock revival reminiscent of the 2000s indie sleaze explosion with their newest single, "Killing Time."

Join us for an illustrious evening Saturday, June 1st at MKE's esteemed cabaret mad planet. prepare for an evening of unparalleled grandeur, whimsy, & sophisticated revelry ...

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